Change that Filter !

Simple maintenance reaps big rewards!

If you call John Boyd for your seasonal maintenance, your technician will change your heating and cooling filters as part of the visit. But that doesnít mean you can ignore them in between! Filters may need to be changed as often as every month, depending on the type of filters you use.


Standard filters are made of fiberglass and rimmed with light cardboard. These filters are designed to capture the particles necessary to keep your equipment clean and running efficiently, not to clean the air. Standard filters should be changed monthly while heating or cooling equipment is in use.


If you want to filter the air thatís running through your equipment for increased air quality, youíll need higher efficiency filters designed to trap smaller particles like dust and pet dander. High efficiency filters should be changed every three months.


Another option would be permanent filters, which use a slight electrostatic charge to attract airborne particles, and which may also include activated charcoal to reduce odors. These filters are not replaced, but must be washed regularly.


Ask one of our technicians where your filters are and how to change them, plus which filter types would be best for your home.